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Great news, citizen #238894F, it's Labour Assignment Day! Ensure prompt arrival at the Administration Bureau. Avoid unsavoury characters and run-down zones on the way. Enjoy your existence in your Grey-Authority assigned place in society. Have a nice life!

But what if something went wrong? What if you're late, infected with a cyber-virus and kidnapped by Black Hat gangsters?

Find out in 'New Tricks for Old Gods,' a short visual novel set in a cyberpunk-dystopian world. Inspired by 'Choose Your Own Adventure' stories, you decide where your adventure will take you. Will you escape the oppressive technocracy of a nightmare future or fall victim to the tyrannous regime of the Grey Authority?
Created by a lone, first time game developer, with a lifelong love of sci-fi, fantasy, cyberpunk and game-books, this blistering, jaw-dropping choose-your-own adventure allows you to decide the fate of a whole city.

A choice-heavy story.

18 possible endings.

Forge relationships with characters, affecting the outcome of the story.

Original character art, animations and music created by a single developer.

-For trailer, please visit twitter:https://twitter.com/NumberedEntity


Buy Now$2.50 USD or more

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Version 2
NTfOG-1.0-mac.zip 251 MB

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Mac version please

Thanks for the interest. I'll let you know when I get that done and downloaded.

Thanks! I realised I didn’t asked how much effort would be needed to make it multi platform. But thanks for considering it

Hi, I've downloaded a mac build:)

And it works!
Ending 9 of 18, that was fun :-

This is a graphic novel that really gets you into the story. Quickly you feel part of the world around you and have to think hard about the decisions you make, depending on what you want to achieve. 

A choice you make earlier on can affect what happens to you down the road, so the path of the adventure is really down to you. 

Have not discovered all the endings yet, but have already been turned into cyber food!

Great game and hoping for a follow up!

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saw this in indie buzz, looks pretty random, in a good way. added for when i jhave some spare $